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About RNSalert

Find out more about RNSalert. Discover the history of RNSalert including when it was setup and why.


RNSalert was setup in 2010 and is the creation of Daniel Procter, a novice private investory whose trading life began during the financial crash of 2008, particularly, at the moment when Royal Bank of Scotland shares hit 10p per share that Friday!

Since taking the small step but giant leap into the world of private investment on the stock market, Daniel has always been interested in using his skills as a technical developer to find ways to make the life of a novice stock trader easier and, as much as possible, more successful! This is why RNSalert was setup.

What does RNSalert do?

Have you ever thought: 'If only I'd have got in (or out!) sooner!' or 'I haven't got time to keep checking for news!'

If the answer is 'Yes' then RNSalert is for you. RNSalert saves you time by sending out RNS news alerts to your chosen device, either your computer, your mobile phone or your Twitter account. We have all seen it: that massive spike on a long-awaited RNS release. With RNSalert you now have a chance, at least, to get in (or out), before it has reached its peak (or its trough)!

RNSalert provides you with a means to get alerted to the existence of important market news, released via the London Stock Exchange RNS channel, within minutes of it being released, thus giving you the chance to make your trades before it's too late.

SMS, Twitter or Email Alerts

With RNSalert is possible to be alerted by either SMS, Twitter Direct Message or email (or all three!).

Chances are, there are times when you cannot read your email but you are able to receive SMS alerts by mobile. Our SMS or Twitter RNS alert services are perfect for this because the alert can be sent directly to your mobile device.

If you aren't a fan of social media, or you do not have a Twitter account, you can select our dedicated SMS based service which sends SMS alerts directly to your mobile phone. There's not many places in the world where we cannot send an SMS. Check out our SMS coverage page for full details.