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We always love to receive feedback from our customers. On this page you will find a selection of customer reviews, testimonials and other success stories from users of our service. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

I truly admire the service you offer here. It's proving to be exceptionally good. I am monitoring a few stocks and pay for your SMS service. The sound of my iPhone and iPad going off at 7am is quite a wake up call!


Thanks to RNSalert I managed to take profit from my GGP investment immediately after their latest RNS which was somewhat disappointing. I managed to get out before its fall of over 30%!


Just like to say a massive thank you for the RNS for Solomon Gold. I had been watching Solomon for some time and as soon as the RNS popped into my mail box with positive news I was on to them like a shot and made a tidy profit! Thanks again, keep up the great work you provide small investors like myself.


I am a private investor and with RNSalert's help, I have instantly (within weeks) made 106% from MATD exploration in Mongolia and 30+% (within 3 days) in NPE. Thank you for the alerts.


15:13 Friday 17th Sept 2010: RKH release an RNS on SeaLion flow tests. 15:15 Friday 17th Sept 2010, RNSalert email me the information. Between 15:15 and market close RKH shares go up circa 25%. What more needs to be said? Thanks RNSalert for a tidy profit at no risk, and it's free*! Keep it up please.


RNSalert is a great service which can give you an edge before the markets open. Anyone not using it is one step behind me. Please don't tell them about it!


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