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RNSalert Subscription

All accounts need to be subscribed to receive RNS alerts. Full details about the RNSalert subscription can be found on this page. You can subscribe for only £4.95 per year.

Why is there a subscription?

Since we launched our service back in 2010, we've been proud to offer the same simple and competitive pricing structure. We have always been a service geared towards the private investor. We've had very few price increases, and indeed, we have been proud to offer Twitter and email alerts free of charge. But with ever increasing costs of server infrastructure and an increasing user base, our systems are simply not able to cope with the demand now asked of it. So we have decided, as of 1st February 2020, to introduce a very small annual subscription service for all accounts in order to use this service.

How much is it?

Our subscription fee is only £4.95 per year. That's about the price of an premium beer! This will allow us to ensure that our service continues to operate to the same standard that our users have come to expect by ensuring our server infrastructure is able to meet the demands of the system whilst allowing us to continue to work to improve the efficiency and user-experience of our system and website.

Why is it so cheap?

We have calculated that although this is a small subscription, it will be sufficient for us to achieve our goals of being able to continue to provide an excellent level of service our users whilst ensuring best value as well. We're proud to have always offered a simple pricing structure that keeps things as simple as possible. Of course, if you'd like to support us further by making a donation to us as well, that would be massively appreciated. You can use the button on the bottom of the page.

Does the subscription replace the alert fees?

Unfortunately not. The subscription fee is on top of any alert fees so you will need to top up your account to receive alerts by SMS as usual. The subscription fee covers all accounts, irrespective of how you choose to receive your alerts. This ensures that the fee is fairly distributed across all our user accounts.

What if I don't do anything?

If you do not do anything in response to this new subscription, your account will remain open but in a paused state, meaning that you will not receive any alerts until you activate the subscription. All your alerts will remain assigned to your account and will be activated once the subscription is created.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us (we plan to automate this process), but please bear in mind that you will cease to receive any alerts via our system after the expiry date of your subscription. Your alerts will continue until your subscription would have been due for renewal.

I'm not paying!

Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure our fee is sufficiently low, we do understand and appreciate that not all our users will choose to pay the subscription and that is absolutely fine. Any users that have an account with us but do not wish to create the subscsription can either leave their account paused or request their account be closed by contacting us.

Any questions?

If you do have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!