Receive RNS alerts by text-message (SMS) to mobile

RNS Alerts by text-message (SMS)

RNS alerts by SMS!

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Our fastest, simplest, most reliable, dedicated SMS-based RNS news alerts delivery method.

If you wish to receive RNS alerts by text message (SMS) to your mobile phone for any FTSE listed company, this service is for you! Ideal for those investors who are always on the move and who want a hassle-free method of receiving RNS news alerts directly to their mobile phone.

Key Features

  • International service!
    We can send SMS alerts to almost any country worldwide! Check our network coverage for your country.
  • Reliable SMS alerts
    SMS alerts are dispatched through our own dedicated platform, with no reliance on third parties.
  • Hassle-free instant easy setup
    Easy hassle-free SMS RNS alert setup in seconds with only a few clicks.
  • Great value and simple pricing
    At only 20p per SMS, our pricing is simple and straight-forward, giving you complete control.
  • Priority service
    As our only paid for delivery method, alerts sent by this method are sent with highest priority.
  • Full SMS message tracking.
    SMS messages can be tracked in your account so you know when they were delivered!
  • Never miss an alert!
    If, for whatever reason, we are unable to send your SMS message, you will receive your RNS alert by email for free*!
  • No contract!
    Add funds to your account on a "pay as you go" service. If you have insufficient funds, we will email the alert instead!

* Please note that as of 1st February 2020, all accounts require a yearly subscription of £4.95 in order to activate alerts. More info »

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