Free* RNS alerts by SMS using Twitter

Free* RNS Alerts by SMS via Twitter

Our most popular, free* RNS alert delivery method, powered by Twitter!

Receive free* and instant RNS news alerts by Twitter direct message!

  • Setup multiple Twitter accounts
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Link your mobile to your Twitter account to get FREE* SMS RNS alerts by text message
  • Get RNS updates on as many FTSE listed companies as you wish subject to fair usage

This service is ideal for those investors who have a Twitter account and who wish to receive RNS alerts by SMS message free* of charge.


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Important Notes
  • You must follow @RNSalert on Twitter to use this method.
  • This service is wholly dependent on the availability of Twitter.
  • During busy Twitter periods, it may not be possible send alerts via Twitter due to Twitter service unavailability.
  • It is your responsibility to setup and activate your mobile phone in Twitter in order to receive RNS news alerts by text-message SMS.
  • If your phone is not activated in Twitter, you will just receive your alert via Direct Message.
  • We are unable to offer any SMS tracking on this service.

By activating your mobile phone in Twitter you will receive RNS news alerts by text-message SMS to your mobile phone for free*. Subscribe to as many FTSE listed companies as you wish at no cost subject to fair usage.

Please note: this delivery method is subject to Twitter's reliability. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to send your alert via Twitter, whether it be because Twitter is "over capacity" or you are not following us, we will still send that alert to you via your registered email.

* Please note that as of 1st February 2020, all accounts require a yearly subscription of £4.95 in order to activate alerts. More info »

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