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Free* RNS alerts by Twitter Direct Message

Find out about receiving free* RNS alerts by Twitter Direct Message for any FTSE listed company. Get RNS alerts by "push notification" to your preferred device of choice. Ideal for users with the Twitter mobile app.

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Benefits of receiving RNS alerts by Twitter Direct Message....

  • Quick and easy setup; we can automate the link to your Twitter account
  • Setup multiple Twitter recipients
  • Harness the power of Twitter's notification system and options
  • RNS alerts via "push notification" to your chosen device
  • Ideal for users who use the Twitter mobile app
  • Registration on Twitter is quick and easy

Our RNS alerts by Twitter service is ideal for those investors who have their own Twitter account and who wish to be alerted by Twitter Direct Message whenever any company releases a new RNS news update on the London Stock Exchange.

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Important Notes

Twitter accounts must follow @RNSalert on Twitter in order to receive RNS alerts via Direct Message. Please also note that this delivery option is wholly subject to Twitter's system availability and reliability: if, for whatever reason, we are unable to send your alert via Twitter, whether it be due to Twitter's availability or you are not following us, we will still send that alert to you via your registered email.
* Please note; as of 1st February 2020, all RNSalert accounts require a yearly subscription of £4.95.